Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A More Circuitous Route

I am very deadline-driven. I work and write very fast and often don't begin a work deliverable until I am dangerously close to the deadline. The impending deadline functions as a motivator and also allows me to work toward my personal goal of reaching the end of the Internet in the interim. (It's a wonderful place! There are blogs about poop! And you can look up Fina (name withheld because it comes up when you google it and she's now a teacher in upstate New York) -- the girl from kindergarten who was a notorious nose-picker!)

This has served me well in my many years in the work force -- to the point where I sometimes still forget to factor in that I have a kid, who is working toward HER personal goal of proving how little control her parents now have over their own lives.

With about five things due today, I got a call from Avery's school yesterday afternoon telling me to pick her up immediately because she has pink eye. (Note to anyone who wants to get all like, "where's Tim in this situation?" -- he makes twice the amount of money I do, and works twice as far away from Avery's school as I do. We decided early on that if anyone was going to take time away from their job to handle this type of would be me.) So there.

After three hours yesterday afternoon spent in urgent care (her pediatrician had no more appointments) and then at the pharmacy, where she prompty pooped (I didn't have the diaper bag with me), and said loudly, "boys don't have pony tails" (in earshot of the cashier, the stock guy and the pharmacist -- all of whom were boys with ponytails), I then had to come home and work until about 10:00pm to get things ready to deliver to the client today.

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