Tuesday, March 24, 2009


As the great Chris Rock said when he had a daughter, "Your job is to keep them off the pole."

Add another bullet to our growing list of parenting failures:

-We are currently watching "Donnie Darko", our latest Netflix choice. I'm wondering if there is another actor more watchable than Jake Gyllenhaal. And this is one cool, weird movie.
-There is nothing less fun to do with a tax return than getting new gutters and new windows. Sometimes, homeownership can just bite me.
-I have been asked to write three letters of recommendation this week. (And not for parole, as those of you who have met my family may have surmised...)
-I think I have the best boss in the world. And the smartest, too. I'm totally serious on both counts. (And no, he doesn't read my blog...cynics.)
-My kid loves V8 juice (which she calls "VeeAy" juice). We like to refer to it as "my first bloody mary." What a cute little vampire.

Rollin' with my homies,


Florida Girl In Sydney said...

You're hilarious, I'll never watch my four and five year old boys go down the pole again without thinking of you.

Kathleen said...

FGIS - I'm touched/flattered/sorry about that?