Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spoiler Alert! I'm A Freak Show

We had a very nice weekend. It started off a little shaky -- I was feeling very sick all day Friday -- that pre-flu stuff where my throat was scratchy and I could not stop sneezing. I came home from work, drank a bunch of TheraFlu and was asleep by 8:30pm. My collage college self would be bowing her head in shame.

Saturday morning, I was feeling better, so we kept our plans to do a little overnight trip to Lansdowne. As always, Avery completely wore us out during the day while we swam in the pool and wandered around the hotel grounds. (The jury is still out on whether we just get worn out easily or if I gave birth to a human tornado.) Either way...we were ready for the break when Tim took her to her grandparents' house then came back for a couples' massage we had scheduled. (Notable Avery quote from the weekend (while she was laying back on her floaty in the pool): "I need to relax. I'm stressed by the situation."

I went with the hot stone massage, Tim went with Swedish. (This was big for me. I am not a massage person. I've had maybe five of them in my life and enjoyed maybe one of them. I don't know what it is. Maybe I'm just too uptight to relax and let go for the hour. I do know that I am uncomfortable sitting around in a robe in the co-ed lounge with other people. Seriously awkward. About six months ago, Tim gave me a gift certificate for a massage as a surprise -- it has yet to be used. What is wrong with me?) the woman was giving me a massage, she got to my shoulders and said, "Wow. I could work for two straight days on just your shoulders alone." That of course stressed me out and made me all neurotic and I'm sure I tensed up even more. From that point forward, I could not enjoy the massage, because I was sure I was a stressed out freak who could simply not relax. (Why does that all sound so very Richard Lewis?) I'm a mess. (And it's no wonder Avery "gets stressed by the situation...") (I should probably take the hour and the $100 and invest it in therapy instead of a massage. It would probably be more beneficial.)

The rest of our stay was delightful. We had a wonderful brunch (Tim surprised Avery by requesting a Mickey Mouse-shaped pancake and then he made a face on it with assorted fruits, which thrilled her), and then went for a little walk and then just hung out in our room for a while. The tornado fell asleep on the way home, still wearing her Ariel princess dress that she wore the entire weekend. It is so good to be three...and to be the parents of a three year old.

UPDATE: We drove around the housing developments in the Lansdowne area on Sunday because we had not been out there in a while and there are a lot of new homes. We were heading down one main road when we reached a yellow crime scene tape stretched across four lanes of traffic, in front of which was a sheriff standing in front of his car turning people around as they reached that point in the road. We found out later that there had been a MURDER and assualt on a couple that lived in the area that very morning. The husband was killed and the wife remains in critical condition. No suspects. Scary stuff.

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JenBC said...

If you have rock hard shoulders to go with your abs, you might just need to adjust your workout routine.

I'm with you on the massage thing. I've only had one, when I was pregnant, no less. It was marketed as a good massage for pregnant women, so I thought, why not? It was so brutal I wondered if they were trying to give me a preview of labor. Maybe some women get epidurals with the massage?

Glad you all ended up having a fun time. I love an energetic preschooler -- especially if it means they sleep well!