Monday, March 16, 2009

Cracking Me Up

We went to a birthday party for one of Avery's classmates on Saturday. It was held at The Little Gym in Fairfax, which means that all the kids at the party spent a solid hour running around and climbing on gym equipment and wearing themselves out. (Sheer genius as a party concept and the kids loved it.) Canetto noticed one little girl on the parallel bars who had a pretty obvious case of plumber's butt, so he said (loudly), "Wow. That's some serious plumber's butt." Of course, plumber butt's mom was sitting directly in front of us and turned around and said, "I know...that's my daughter." Of course, my spousal loyalty evaporates in moments of mortification, so I simply rolled my eyes, playfully hit Tim and said, "Oh, that's nice" (with the intent of showing that I was much more evolved and would never, ever make a comment like that about anyone).

And I enjoyed being the evolved half of our marriage until about an hour later, as the party was ending and the parents were helping their kids get their shoes on to go home. I happened to glance over just in time to see that plumber butt's mom had a massive case of the PB, herself. I gleefully elbowed Tim and nodded toward it.

We are so meant for each other.

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KevStar said...

Tried to find a plumber's butt porn site for you, only to get hit with nerdcore superstars of porn, and a Google ad for

Can't wait to see that show up in your site metrics!