Friday, March 06, 2009

I Don't Care How Good He Is, When You Say "Ovechkin", It Sounds Like You're Coughing Up A Hairball...

We used the Monster Truck to haul ourselves down to the Verizon Center last night to see the Caps get beaten by the Toronto Maple Leafs. I cannot emphasize enough how nice and refreshing it was to chat with Canetto en route and actually complete sentences and talk without someone continually piping in, "Momma...can we sing a song, Momma?" The kid now punctuates EVERY SINGLE THING SHE SAYS TO ME with a 'MOMMA' at the beginning and at the end. And then when she knows I'm getting fed up? She'll say, "Momma?" and I'll say "WHAT?!?!" and she'll say, "Momma...I love you, Momma." Sometimes, while she's playing she'll just say to me, "Momma?" and I'll say "what?" and she'll say nothing...only to ask, "Momma?" again about three minutes later. Just checking to see if I'm there? If I'll respond? I don't know. But I'm thinking that perhaps the drug manufacturer who developed Xanax may have had a 3-year-old.

In our suite at the Verizon Center (see how casually I dropped that in there? like it happens all the time? pretty good, huh?) we mingled with Tim's colleagues and some of their clients. I talked to one client for a long time because he was so much fun, and because I could use my favorite "what celebrity do people say you look like?" line on him. He was a dead-ringer for Jon Stewart, so I figured he probably heard that all the time. Apparently, he instead hears all the time that he looks like Eric Stoltz. You can see how I made the mistake -- Jon and Eric could have been separated at birth, really. He took my assessment (as he should have) as a big compliment. (Unlike the bitchy waitress we had once who looked exactly like Tiffani (with an "I") Amber Thiessen. I asked, "who do people tell you that you look like?" and she totally sneered at me and said, "I know, I know...I look like Tiffani Amber Thiessen." Someone remind me when hearing that became tedious?)

Slapshot (the mascot) paid a visit to the suite, so we got some pics with him, and ate and drank and even watched some of the game. (Great view from the SUITE - have I mentioned that?)

A nice little date with my hubby, made possible by grandparents that live in town and cannot seem to get enough of our kiddo as of late. (Well, at least until she starts with the " you want to sing a song, Grandma?" Our dates are numbered...)


Macker said...

People in the military call little Avery's trend a "sir sandwich" as in Sir, right away Sir.

However, in your case it would be a momma sandwich.

There, now people will see your blog that google momma sandwich.

BTW, the only thing better than a suite for a Caps game is driving there in a truck. Sounds like good times!

Dilettard07 said...

I thought for sure that you were going to report the mascot smelled like pot, too.

Kathleen said...

Macker - ha ha ha ha ha -- it is only a matter of time before "momma sandwich" brings yet a new "friend" to the site. Thanks for that.

Dilettard07 - I didn't get to whiff the mascot. (Here we go --"whiff the mascot" will also bring a new friend our way...)

kath said...

Looks like you are second to an advertisement for "The Big Momma Sandwich — on Big Momma Bun." God only knows what that is in military-speak.

The person who really used "momma" best, IMHO, is Elvis, as in "Merci, Momma" (you have to visualize the swish of his hips yourself). Get Avery working on this. It would kill in Vegas. In a suite.