Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A while back, I bemoaned not having a "next big thing."

Canetto and I have decided to make up for it with a lot of next little things. We have decided that every month this year, we are going to take a family weekend trip somewhere close by to just get a little break from things.

We began in January, with a ski trip to Massanutten, February was a weekend in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, this coming weekend, we're going to stay at Lansdowne Resort (which, if not for my utter disdain of Frankenstein words, I would refer to as a "staycation"). In April, we're heading to Philadelphia, May is my sister-in-law's graduation from her MBA program in Asheville, NC. So far, so good -- it definitely gives us something to look forward to each month, and each trip provides us with time to just hang out and have fun instead of running errands or taking care of maintenance around the house.

At Lansdowne this weekend, we're dropping Avery off with the grandparents for most of the afternoon and evening and getting a couples massage and having dinner. Then, we'll bring her back to spend the night and spend the next day swimming in the pool and whatever else she wants to do. I cannot wait.

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