Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Sure That's The Only Reason

Today's conversation:

Me (In my car, answering my cell phone): "Sorry I didn't hear the phone ringing at first. I was having a very loud John Denver* sing-a-long."

Canetto (Helpfully): "That's why, when I'm driving, I keep my cell phone between my legs."
*I am an unapologetically huge fan of John Denver. My dad had all of his albums and I know every word to every song he sang. I was a bit disappointed to learn that he once refused an invitation to be the graduation speaker at my friend, Amanda's, high school. (She went to Rocky Mountain High in Colorado.) Seriously, John?


JenBC said...

John rocks. So to speak. The first album I ever received was a John Denver, when I was in 3rd grade, for Christmas. My older sister got a Helen Reddy LP at the same time. Then we drove the whole house crazy playing "Take Me Home Country Roads" and "I am Woman" over and over and over.

You might throw a little Helen Reddy into your Karoake rep.

Kathleen said...

Canetto and I saw John Denver at Wolf Trap four months before his untimely demise (John's, that is.) It is absolutely the best concert either of us has ever been to. Just him alone, on stage, playing the guitar and singing.

I mean, he's no Helen Reddy....

dilettante07 said...

I can't believe you two are waxing so poetic about that little dream crusher! Grrr!

Confession--when I was in Indonesia, the only CD I would let Tanti play in her car was Mr. Denver. And we would sing along like our lives depended on it.

You fill up my senses....