Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Canetto's Dirty Little Secret

Avery: Sophie is getting a princess cake for her birthday - a cake with princesses on it.

Me: That sounds nice.

Avery: Maybe daddy would like a princess cake for his birthday?

Me: I bet there are other things that daddy would rather have on his cake. What does he like?

Avery: He likes riding his bike...and beer...and (leaning in and whispering conspiratorially)...recycling


dilettante07 said...

A closet environmentalist--the horror! Your kid is so damn funny. You could honestly do an entire comedy set of her random observations.

Kathleen said...

The best part is that Tim recycles what he is supposed to, but it's not like he is a recycling evangelist or anything. He makes no bigger deal about that than he does about throwing away trash in the garbage can. Who the hell knows WHAT kids are thinking?

dilettante07 said...

A recycling evangelist would make a good halloween costume.

JenBC said...

Or maybe she was just saying that he likes to cycle. And then go cycling again. And maybe the part we should all whisper is that he really likes to cycle again, after he's been drinking beer. CUI?

Kathleen said...

(In Southern accent):

Say reduce!
Say re-use!
Say recycle! (Wap healee's head)

Thus concludes my recycling evangelist impression. I shant quit my day job.

(JenBC - the whisper is the best part. She states loudly that he likes beer...but whispers about recycling. We're obviously doing something right around here...)

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason I love Tim.