Friday, March 27, 2009

It's About FAQing Time

You may have noticed that Frequently Asked Questions are now written and up on my blog. Annoyingly, on the right hand side of the screen.

Yes, I hate the placement, too, and plan to invest some time very soon looking into a new blog template.

Any other questions you want answered? Let me know.

Asleep at the wheel,


ZenMom said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, but I'm loving it. :) You have a great "voice" and a sharp wit that make me want to read more. So, thanks for the FAQ. :)

Kathleen said...

ZenMom - Thanks for being a follower. I tried to add myself as a follower on your blog yesterday and I'm not sure it worked. Will look at it again today.

JenBC said...

How do you attract such intelligent and insightful commenters?

Kathleen said...

JenBC - Truly one that should be posted to the FAQs. You are hilarious. I don't know -- what is it? Are you drunk? Nice? Fiercely loyal? Think I'm someone else?

dilettante07 said...


I feel like you speak to me. You're the vanilla ice cream to my Mackeson's stout.

Seriously--I'm very proud of you. I only hope that the world catches on to your wit and wisdom ASAP--it's much needed and deserved.

And I love the FAQs...and your devotion to merkins.

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kath said... offers stories all of your readers want for immediate download.

When you redesign, please keep it simple. I just want your dry observations on banality and some easy navigation. Oh, and some cartoon animals that spin around too.

Kathleen said...

Hock - thanks...will check that out -- I appreciate the link.

Kath - I knew you in junior high, too, and am sure I can come up with some of my own stores (oh ye of the george-ous teeth).