Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Pinch of This And A Pat Of That

A few days ago, my friend, Lisa, sent me one of those ridiculous distribution "joke" e-mails. This one was titled, "Pampered Chef Party -- Important Information!!!"

(I never find any of these things funny, yet I feel compelled to open and look at them before deleting them. I also have to look through all of the catalogs I receive before I recycle them. Can someone explain this?)

Since I'm no longer a rookie in this rodeo we call parenting, can someone also explain why I chose to open this e-mail while Avery was sitting on my lap? The e-mail contained four photos of really attractive guys, totally naked except for a bowl, a cookbook, an apron or some other cooking accoutrement strategically placed to block their tackle (Euphemism provided by 15 Minute Lunch). And then it said, "Aren't you glad you opened this?" or something (I wasn't really focused by the time I got to the text...)

As soon as I realized what we were looking at, I tried to close the e-mail. However, Avery had already seen it and screamed, "Mom! I want to see the naked guys!" So, I let her see the pictures. And she thought they were hilarious. And she has asked to see "the naked guys" every day since. And I had some explaining to do when her father came home after being out of town for a few days...


dilettante07 said...

Hopefully she will tell all of her daycare friends about this. She'll be in the same "special" school with Biter Boy in no time.

Dilettard07 said...

Oooh! I bet she'd like the fruit bat pictures! Show her those!

Fruit bats are soooo cute. Hanging upside down. Hanging.

dilettante07 said...

Funny how you (d'tard) complained about how long the damn post was until we got to the part about bat tackle. Now it's the funniest thing in the world.

He almost gave up before the punch line!

Although the Minnie Mouse/Penis gummy was almost as funny.