Friday, February 06, 2009

So I Was Just Thinking...

* This morning began with me getting alerted by my credit card company that there were fraudulent charges on my credit card. This is the same company that got me out of paying $500 for a damaged Segway during a particularly painful/embarrassing Segway tour (I say that like there is any other kind of Segway tour) of DC a few years ago. As much as someone using your credit card number sucks...this company rocks and took care of everything immediately.

* Sitemeter is an application I use on this blog to determine how people find me. Most just type in the URL or come here from Facebook or another blog. Although, others find me by typing search terms into google. (For those who get paranoid by this kind of stuff like I do...let me assure you that it does not show me anyone's name or e-mail address or any identifying information other than how people found my site and how many people visit.) I'm frankly disturbed by how many people find me by typing in the words "collage whores." (Some background: one of my very first posts on this site made a joke about someone misspelling "college" in some graffiti they had written about "collage" girls being whores). Seemingly innocent post. All I have to say about this is -- gross -- and those people should be ashamed of themselves. (Mostly about their atrocious spelling...but also about the sentiment...Uncle Dave...)

Also, someone else found the site by googling "brutalism sex". What can I say? The world is full of pervs. I just love how disappointed these people must be when they come to my site and find nothing but a lot of posts about...swinging. (Note to self: Stop it with all the posts about swinging. Someone might actually think you suburbanites do that. When we all know it is only the ASHBURN suburbanites who do that.)

* My cat, Seamus, has been snacking on the lovely flower arrangement my mom sent me for my birthday. He does not eat any of the several plants we have in our house, but he does love a good flower arrangement. He also likes to chew on plastic bags. He is also very fat. I think he has some emotional issues. I took him to the vet once and told him that Seamus needed to learn that food was not love. The vet told me Seamus had some extra weight, but with his bone structure, he could pull it off. He became my favorite vet that day.

* I'm a huge fan of Dorothy Parker. For some reason, I have come across things she has written several times over the past few weeks, such as:
I like to have a martini
Two at the very most
Three, I'm under the table
And four, I'm under the host


Dilettard07 said...

Huh. I suspect that Sitemeter will show that I arrived at this blog by entering into Google the following search:

bone gross Dorothy Parker on a Segway

Ri said...

If I were to ever have another son, I'd want to name him Seamus. (Hubs doesn't agree, but hey - he's the one giving this kid a last name that sounds like it belongs to someone who just fell out a pub door in Dublin...) Or, maybe Declan. I REALLY like Malachy, but even I can recognize when the line's been crossed.

Anyway, if this decidedly unlikely miracle ever does arrive, I hope he has good bone structure. Y'know, like your cat.

Kathleen said...

Dilettard: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ri: Seamus is a great name. Our cat even looks Irish -- he's a big boy with orange hair...I totally think he could hold his own in a bar brawl. (And I'm with you -- no to Malachy...which I always read as "malarkey" even though I know how it is pronounced...)

JenBC said...

Those Segway tours must be cash cows for somebody. When I was in town for the SIL reunion weekend, I saw a woman wipe out in front of the Supreme Court. One second, she's chatting with her tour group, the next, she getting body slammed by her ride.

They should have rodeo clowns on Segways to protect riders after they get bucked off rogue people movers.

Anyway, unless you are the woman I captured on video 9/27/08, feel free to give us details.

Jeff said...

Yo, Canedo, I love how I now contact you peeps through your blogsite. Check it yo, I just gots me a call from the NEW host of the Vanity Fair party asking me if I'd like to work it again. I told her no thank you I prefer to find my own way in and could I please have the name of the new Tom. Guess you should be specting a call or two bout that soon. Blog that shit G. ha thought it was musing and yes I think I might talk and type this way from nows on. peace.