Friday, February 27, 2009


Sheesh. Fridays at my company are like Mondays elsewhere. It's like we start slow on Monday (which isn't a bad way to ease into the work week), but by about 2:00pm on Friday, there are a million things due and that have to be done before the end of the day. (Insert a "My life is SO hard" refrain here while sweeping back of hand across forehead.)

Weekend ahead will be laid back, but fun:

Tonight: Party at Amy and Pete's house -- 3/4 of the dilettantes and their spouses will be there.

Tomorrow: Peeps diorama construction at Hillary's in the morning. We're submitting two entries this year. And if we do not make it as a finalist (based on how ridiculously awesome these entries are), I will construct yet a third diorama -- one that depicts a bag of poop, which I will light on fire and toss into the Style newsroom at the Post.

Saturday evening, we're going to the GMU basketball game -- their last home game of the season. I hope to see Alan Merten so I can compliment him on his cornholing form. (Like swinging, cornholing never, ever gets old.)

Canetto is off doing something with someone. (Biking? Racquetball? Cheating on me with another woman?) It's one of those, I'm fairly certain. I'll be home going through Avery's closet, pulling all the stuff that no longer fits. The clothing swap where I score a ton of clothes for her every year is coming up and we need to be ready.

Gas, Grass or Ass -- Nobody Rides For Free,

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Dilettard07 said...

And on Sunday, Avery will be singing "I'm sorry Momma, I never meant to hurt you. . . ."