Monday, February 02, 2009

Ski Bunny

My child has quite obviously inherited her father's adventure gene. She was on skis for the first time in her life for approximately 20 minutes (and had already gone up and down the bunny slope several times) when she said, "I wanna do the big slopes." Tim took her up in the chair lift to a longer slope and she loved every minute of it. The next day, she was totally into the snow tubing -- the child has no fear.

(The video is especially adorable about 24 seconds in when you get to hear her cute little voice.)


Ri said...

Haha - that was awesome. Way to go, Avery!

Jeff said...

I can't believe that is Little Tim...She is so grown up, and considering her gene pool she seems very well adjusted and happy. Ha, I kid because I love.