Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mother's Day...Take One

For my first official mother's day, Canetto wanted the holiday to be special, so he planned a vacation to Wilmington, North Carolina (a place I've wanted to visit since I heard that Dawson's Creek was filmed there and that it is considered the "Hollywood of the East" -- no, I am not kidding -- yes, I am pathetic.). It's a 6-hour drive from where we live which means that flying would be much easier. However, since I've had Avery, I've become a bigger freak about flying than I ever was, so all vacations for the near future will be driving vacations. (And yes, I do realize that our Florida vacation when she was 2 months old required us to get on an airplane, but I was in a sleep-deprived stupor at that point).

Cantto handled all arrangements. We spent one night in downtown Wilmington and the next two nights on the beach. Our downtown Wilmington hotel was fantastic -- right on the river, corner room with windows on two sides that overlooked the river. It was peaceful and gorgeous. We were also right on the "boardwalk" there, so we were at most 1/2 mile away from every shop and restaurant in downtown Wilmington. Ideal when you're schlepping around an infant and her accompanying 6 tons of gear. So, we walked and browsed and then decided to have dinner outside at a restaurant overlooking the river.

There was a table next to us full of older people who had been looking over at Avery during dinner. As they were getting up to leave, they came over to say how cute she was and talk about their own grandchildren. Because my child looks exactly like Canetto and did not have the decency to look one iota like me after all I went through for nearly a year, one of the women was prompted to say to Avery in her vveeerrryyy southern accent, "Well, I know who your father is".

And I had to bite the insides of my mouth to not respond, "really? do you have his number? I've been trying to track him down for months."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

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