1.   Why is your blog called Brutalism?

As a nod to the architectural style thusly named that exposes the rawness of materials used in construction. Also because I want you to lick my boot, you miserable little worm.

2.   Other than blogging, do you have any hobbies?

I have made a hobby of not having hobbies. Read about it at Dilettante Club – We’ll Try Everything Once

3.   Congratulations on the two stars your blog received from Ask and Ye Shall Receive. I’m confident that you have won other prestigious awards and honors. What are they?

Well, thanks for asking. I won the science fair in 6th grade (pinhole camera) and the “Wittiest” superlative at my 7th grade end of year dance (I was wearing a terry cloth dress at the time). Also, I made the Guinness Book of World Records for tap dancing...all of which has led to realizing my dream of becoming a cube-dwelling government contractor.

4.   When did you start this blog?

June 15, 2004

5.   Why do you call your husband “Canetto”?

It is a long and boring story, but the name stuck, so "Canetto" it is. I also refer to him as “Captain Spreadsheet” because he is the half of our relationship that makes sure we won’t be eating cat food in our golden years (well…unless we're really drunk...or don't feel like cooking).

6.   Do you really drink as much as you indicate in your blog?


7.   You talk about swinging all the time. Have you dabbled?

First of all, don’t ever use the word “dabble” again. Second, Eeeewwww, no!

8.   You do realize that your grammar and punctuation are terrible, right? You use sentence fragments and over use and incorrectly use parentheses and ellipses.

I choose to think of it as my personal style...my own interpretation of grammar and punctuation (if you will).

9.   What annoys you?

People who point out that my grammar and punctuation are terrible. Also, the words goblet, ointment, pamphlet, appletini, dabble, luncheon, nougat, luscious and port (it ends too abruptly).

10.   Does having only nine items in your FAQ list offend your sense of order and also make you re-think your existence as you cannot think of just one more item of interest?