Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Tri-Sig...Everyone Else Has

When I was in college at JMU, I was
relieved of my duties as newsletter editor
of the "Violet Vibes" (Tri-Sigma newsletter).
My roommate and I had stepped in to try and
make it readable and not totally sorority-ish
and lame as it always had been. After a Mexican-themed
mixer we had with a fraternity, we titled an article,
"Donde estas my underpants?". That was the end
of the cool newsletter. I think it was decided by
double-super-secret vote.

In our bonds,

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Fun Noodle

You know those styrofoam tubes that kids play with in the pool?
Apparently, they're called fun noodles. Our friend, Adam, noted
that he had read an article claiming that little girls, especially,
tend to love the fun noodle. (insert your own gross joke here...
we all did)

A fun noodle lover

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

It's Not Unusual

Canetto and I went to see Tom Jones at Wolf Trap last night. (He got free tickets at work).
Quite possibly, the best people-watching, ever. And yes, women are still throwing their panties on the stage.

Stayed long enough to hear some songs we knew, and to pass the great seats we had off to someone who would really appreciate them.

The guy is an entertainer. You gotta give him that. That...and your panties.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


So, I'm teaching. professional adult students.
I have a new audience for all of my bits. An audience full of
people who want good grades. All aspiring comedians should
train here.

Recently, after hearing one of my best stories for the zillionth
time, Canetto said, "you really need some new material." My friend
Ira (who I've known since second grade) said, "or some new friends,
it's probably easier". He has a point.

Frankenstein Words*

Major irritation: the combination of two perfectly
good words into some horrid amalgamated word

E.G. brunch, chunnel, skort, spork, chocizza
(although I find these delicious

Are we really so pressed for time that we need
to ruin our language to save a few syllables?

When my father passed away and was cremated,
the funeral director actually said to our family,
"here are the cremains" (yes, a combination
of "cremated remains") nothing sacred?

(*you say "portmanteau", I say "Frankenstein word" -- "portmanteau" being way too beautiful a word to ascribe to the words I've mentioned.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Just spent four days in Chicago for a trade show.
Canetto came for fun. To get a true taste of the city,
we went to Second City for comedy, saw some live jazz,
took the architeture boat tour on the river, ate deep dish
pizza and joined an organized crime syndicate. (I'm kidding...
we so didn't eat the pizza -- you know how many carbs
that has?)

Learned about a style of architecture called "Brutalism" which
is just as lovely as it sounds.

Funny moment: just before the show
opened, only one booth was not yet set up and I saw
a man frantically opening crates and struggling to
get set up before the show started. I looked at the name
of his company -- the American Planning Association.
No irony deficiency here.