Wednesday, June 23, 2004

It's Not Unusual

Canetto and I went to see Tom Jones at Wolf Trap last night. (He got free tickets at work).
Quite possibly, the best people-watching, ever. And yes, women are still throwing their panties on the stage.

Stayed long enough to hear some songs we knew, and to pass the great seats we had off to someone who would really appreciate them.

The guy is an entertainer. You gotta give him that. That...and your panties.

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JenBC said...

If you ever have Tom Jones tickets again... Please. Give. Them. To. Me. Tom Cosgrove will understand.

For some reason, my fairly straight-laced parents had a lot of his albums. I love his songs and shwerve.

Did you know that Michelle Fowler's Mark does an amazing Tom Jones impression. Well, he sings "Delilah", among others, extremely well, sliding across the floor on his knees as a flourish. Can't wait til those guys open their pub. Hope it works out.