Monday, November 26, 2007

Tis the Season To Mock Each Other Mercilessly

On Friday, Canetto and I went to Brasserie Beck for dinner with two of my JMU sorority sisters and their husbands.

And, of course, after a few Belgian beers and some college reminiscing, we started taunting each other about college boyfriends and guys we had all hooked up with. (Our husbands LOVE to hear all about it -- especially since only one of them went to school with us and has any frame of reference.)

Anyway, we mocked each other over the guys we thought were "all that" back then and also made a shocking discovery -- both Carrie and Kira had slept with the same guy at some point. To which I helpfully noted, "if there was a Venn diagram that represented your hookup histories, the subset in the middle would be Matt C."

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