Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Vanity Fair Party

The legendary Vanity Fair Oscar party has been CANCELLED this year. Wow.
Oh, well -- it was going to be the first year in a new location, anyway, since the West Hollywood Morton's was sold last year. Not the same party.

When we went out there for the party one year, I had specifically called the hotel ahead of time to find out if there was a blow dryer in the room so I wouldn't have to pack one. They assured me there was. The night of the party, we were running late and I had taken a shower and tried to use the hair dryer and it would not work. It was one of those wall-mounted deals where you always have to press different buttons to get it working. So, I tried pressing buttons and putting it back on the wall bracket and picking it up again...nothing was working. Indignantly, I called down to the front desk and demanded that they send someone up to check it out. I'm sure I mentioned at some point that I had specifically called the hotel ahead of time and had to be somewhere important -- I was definitely in bitch mode.

A few minutes later, the manager knocked at the door. He walked into the bathroom, looked at the dryer, looked back at me with utter disgust on his face, and turned around and plugged in the dryer and strode wordlessly out of our room.

Tim and I were convinced that at some point the management was going to come back and issue us some soft helments to wear for the duration of our stay.

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