Wednesday, March 26, 2008

With Strings Attached

About four years ago, I decided that I HAD TO HAVE A CELLO. I played it for a few years when I was a kid, and was determined that it was something I needed to do again. (Why can't I have a normal mid-life crisis?)

My gem-of-a-husband indulged this and let me buy a cello for $700 on Craigs List (I mention the price only to underscore the "gem" part of that sentence. Until about a year ago, Canetto and I ran any purchase of more than $50 by each other before making it -- that's how conscious we are about where our money goes). He took it to the music store in Oakton and had the bridge replaced and had it tuned. I took lessons for a while and then, as with every other thing in my life that could potentially become a hobby, I promptly lost interest (see

This monstrosity has been sitting in Avery's closet for a few years now and I figure it's just a matter of time before it gets I'm selling it. Along with every other thing in the house that is not nailed down. My huge spring purge and housecleaning has begun (kicked off last night with an oven cleaning at 11:30pm).

Tonight's festivities include cleaning the ceiling fan blades and putting the toys Avery has outgrown into the sub-basement. The truly pathetic part? Just how happy all of this makes me. Cleaning and organizing make me happier than almost anything (I said "almost," beer. Don't worry -- you'll always make me happiest.)

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