Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Dead On, It's Scary

Me, defined by Urban Dictionary:

1. kathleen
a funky ass chick who puts out with a hot attitude.

friend 1: did you have fun last night
friend 2: yeah we got it on she's a real kathleen


Ri. Short for Maria. Not pronounced like the bread. said...

Truly amazing. It's like they've got cameras on you or something!

Oh, and on me too, of course...see?


The most sexy girl you will ever meet, known to blow the minds of many men. Extremely talented and beautiful, eyes cut from stars.

The song. "Maria.. I just met a girl named Maria."

Brutalism said...

Talk about having cameras on...that Urban Dictionary rocks!

Lovey Sunshine said...

Kathleen: A one-legged Kath

Anonymous said...

Kevin: basicilly [sic] a kid with a huge dick. looks great, smells great, and all the ladies want him. great at sports also. great sense of humor.

Gee i am so jealous of Kevin, with three girls around his arm.

How is kevin good looking and smart at the same time?.


someone who has probably porked your mom