Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Birthday Post

First of all, Happy Birthday today to loyal and hilarious Brutalism reader, Dilettante07! She was reading and commenting on this blog back when it was just a baby (and actually...so was she.) Little whippersnapper. Tante was one of the first people I met when I moved to DC in the early 90s. We have many ridiculous shared adventures including (of course) Dilettante Club, being co-flower girls in our friends' wedding in Santa Barbara, Oktoberfest, cocktail parties, a half marathon, smashing cake in each other's faces at our weddings, and more karaoke on video than I want to admit to.

Second of all, Happy Birthday to Avery, who turned four on October 9th. We celebrated with a princess tea party at our house for her and five friends. (At this age, all of the princesses come accompanied by one or both parents, so we had a decent crowd there. Which also included grandparents and our friend, Amy, who wore a dirndl and acted as a handmaiden, serving tea goodies to the girls.)

Before any party at our house, I update the quote board with a new quote. In an attempt to be topical, I wrote one by Stephen Wright that said, "I would kill for a Nobel Peace Prize." It made me chuckle...until it began a not-so-comfortable discussion among the adults about whether or not Obama was deserving of the prize at this point in his presidency. As party host, I was trying to remain neutral, while also trying to end the discussion. So I said, "Enough about that. How do you all feel about abortion?"

Apologies in advance to Avery for all of the play dates and birthday parties from which she will now be banned. She does make a beautiful princess, doesn't she?


Badass Geek said...

Happy birthday to all!

dilettante07 said...

Aww shucks! Thanks so much!

Although I can't believe you turned this into a forum on abortion. That's playing with fire.

I love that Steven Wright quote. The guy is a genius.

Brutalism said...

BAG - Thanks!

Tante -- Blah, blah, blah -- where's your photo on the can?

dilettante07 said...

I thought you had one already. I'll dig through my collection and send you one.

In a pinch, you could just post a karaoke video. Don't do me like that!

Lisa said...

First of all, to bring up abortion at a child's birthday party is reprehensible. As an experienced mother of 21 years, I will share with you my wisdom.

At the moment you sensed the tension in the room, you say, "Nobel, schmobel. More importantly, date rape: is it really rape at all?"

Great at any age birthday party.

The Absurdist said...

I'm glad to see you captured the princess on her mighty throne.

How much you got put away for her therapy fund at this point? It may be time to up your contribution.

Oh, and before I forget: Congratulations on the Nobel Peace Prize, Avery!

Brutalism said...

Lisa - Date rape is a great conversation starter. Especially if you toss in "roofies". Let's face it...roofies are always funny. I appreciate your sage advice.

Jason - Please. Therapy? She'll know where it all went wrong thanks to this blog. No therapy necessary.

dilettante07 said...

Yes, between this blog and her penchant for hanging her baby dolls, I would invest your $ in a door lock, not therapy. She's coming after you for that photo!

JenBC said...

When she becomes a famous actor (at 5, 6, 7 tops?), she'll surely channel this mortifying moment into an academy award winning performace. Wonder if she'll thank you in her speech.