Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Simple Solution

My weekly humor column at the Oakton Patch is up on the site.

It is about burglary.

Because crime is a laugh riot.

Check it out.


Sarah said...

I would have left a comment at the Oakton Patch site but I didn't want to do the bullshit login business. (I'm that lazy). Anyway, SCARY! Larceny arts - LOL. I live way out in the sticks so if a person did break into my house, I'd probably know them and just like you, all they'd get is a console TV and about 15 bucks in change jar money. But I do have bears. They don't care about my electronics, or my cash. They just want to eat me.

Straight Guy said...

You can't live in fear.

Long ago, I was on a high school field trip to New York City to see the UN and stuff. They let us wander in Chinatown for a while (bad decision, but for hicks like us this was a very cultural experience). Several of my friends were mugged, and I had a weird tinge of jealousy. Why not me? Don't I look worth mugging?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I put it on my Facebook page.