Thursday, November 04, 2010

...Which I Am Now Singing To The Tune Of "Police And Thieves", Incidentally

Today, one of my personal favorite posts is up at Laugh out Loud. It is, of course, about poop.

Yesterday, my weekly humor column ran at the Oakton Patch. This one is about me being a big, fat liar.

We've got it all.

If by "all" you mean "feces and lies,"


Miley said...

Wow, you are a liar!! At least you're not crappy... Well, not in the way that other people would know about.
Great posts (no surprise)

Brutalism said...

Miley - Thanks! (For saying the posts were great...not for calling me a liar.)

Along those you mind if I tell everyone that you are Miley Cyrus and that we are besties?