Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cannot Outrun My Past

Conversation with the Dilettantes during our Falconry class today (post to come on Dilettante Club site):

Me: "You know. I just could not like that instructor, because he reminded me of a guy named Smelly Dave that I used to date."

Amy (incredulously): "You dated someone called Smelly Dave?"

Me (apologetically): "It was during a low point in my life."

Amanda (helpfully): "Is this the same guy that ate french fries out of the trash can?"

Me (also apologetically): "No. That was Rob. And come to think of it, I dated him during a high point in my life..."

Thanks to Canetto for saving me from myself,


The Lady's Lounge said...

This post made my morning.
So telling...

Brutalism said...

Thanks, Lady's Lounge. The sad thing is, it almost took an intervention (all of my friends and family) to get me away from the trash-eater. 20s....

kath said...

Your track record in this area is truly remarkable. I would like to point out that it took a caring (and incredibly good looking) third party, me, to point out "your boyfriend is eating fries out of the trash and that is gross." To his credit, he did offer to share them.

I love Tim. Truly and deeply I do.

Brutalism said...

Kath - Thank god you were there. Even though you could not talk me out of walking on broken glass, you did manage to talk me out of a future with the trash eater, and for that, I am grateful.