Monday, December 17, 2012

Book 'em, Rod-o

I first "met" Rodney Lacroix, aka "Moooooog35," aka "Midget Man of Steel," aka "Mental Poo," aka "Stop hanging out where I work it's starting to creep me out" a couple of years ago. We had commented on each other's blogs for a while, and then he put out a request for guest bloggers at one point and I replied with the following:  
Dear Moooooog35 -
I saw that you were looking for guest posters a few days ago. Then I went to your FB page again today to try to find the request and it was no longer there. Or I overlooked it. Let's see...I'm a procrastinator and/or careless...frankly...who WOULDN'T want me as a guest poster on their blog?
When I first read your request I thought, "Cool. I could totally be like Joan Rivers when she used to guest host the Tonight Show." (Please note that I am comparing your blog to the Tonight Show comedy institution. In the years when it was funny, even. This is not at all an attempt to kiss your ass so that you pick me as one of your guest bloggers. I would never stoop that low.) Unrelated...did you receive the muffin basket?
So, if you are still looking for guest bloggers...I'd like to be considered. If not, I'll just take this opportunity to say "Hi". Um...."Hi."
(Also, thanks in advance for being cool with my standard $80,000 guest blogging honorarium.)
And in his classically funny way, he responded:
Hey Kathleen (Kathy? Brutalism? Brutal? Brutal Kathy? etc., etc., ad infinitum (OOOH! Latin!)
Absolutely would LOVE to have you guest post. Feel free to send me whatever you want (I have no doubt it would be funny) and I'll replace a Friday post with it (would run Friday noon - Sunday morning plus the Sunday recap).
If that sounds good, let me know. The 80 grand, though, um..yeah.
SO not happening.
Best I can swing is, like, 75k...but I know you're a stickler with the 'all or nothing' so I guess that's off the table.


How can you not love this guy? AND? In addition to his very funny blog, he has now written his first book. Trust me when I tell you that after a few stories, you, too, will be sucked into the Poo vortex. (That sounded better in my head.) (Aside: I never did end up guest posting. I'm adorable in the way I over-promise and under-deliver.)
And even though major celebrities are endorsing his book and he doesn't need me, I'm shilling away anyway, because he's hysterical.
Buy his book! Links to where you can do so are below:

"Things Go Wrong for Me" is available at:
Amazon (Kindle Version):
Barnes and Noble:
RCG Publishing:

Going to RCG Publishing will give you links to all the books PLUS the option to get an AUTOGRAPHED copy!!
Your link to fine literature,


Moooooog35 said...

I had NO idea you were going to do this!!! Thanks, Kathleen!!

I still owe you, like, $80k don't I?

Brutalism said...

Small, unmarked bills, please. Get it from your new best friend, Jenny McCarthy.

Anonymous said...

Temporarily OUT OF STOCK at Amazon! That in and of itself, is pretty awesome, cuz those crazies are NEVER out of ANYTHING! go Rodney! And yo, Amazon, get it together people! The masses demand their reading!

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