Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Because our Easter Bunny is rather irreverent and does most of its Easter shopping at Stupid.com, our daughter can expect to receive the following awesomeness in her Easter basket this year:

And I was all excited when I received all of this fine merchandise in the mail. Except...(dear God!) the splat tomatoes were missing from the shipment. Figuring anyone who worked for Stupid.com must have a sense of humor, I fired off the following missive:
From: Kathleen
To: "admin@stupid.com" <admin@stupid.com>
Sent: Thursday, March 7, 2013 6:25 PM
Subject: Re: Order # 518794
Hello! I just received my order full of Stupid Easter stuff and noticed that my tomato splat ball is missing.
And as I have no idea how one is to appropriately celebrate the rising of Christ without a tomato splat ball, I'm hoping you can help me remedy this situation.

I appreciate it. Thanks!

And a few days later I received this reply:

Johnson Bailey replied

Hi Kathleen,

I am so sorry about the Tomato, I checked inventory and we are completly sold out of them, we would be happy to replace it for something else if you would like, or we can refund your money. Please let us know.


The Stupid.com Team
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Seriously? Someone who is part of "The Stupid Team" sends me a straightforward e-mail in response to the one I wrote? (Although, "I'm sorry about the tomato" is not horrible...)

Naturally,  I had to e-mail them again:

I'll keep you posted. This may be the worst Easter, ever.


Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said...

The stupid industry just isn't what it used to be.

Brutalism said...

Christian - No kidding. I expected more from Stupid Customer Service. You figure they'd just empower their Stupid employees to take care of my Stupid order right away.

On the upside: they are sold out of splat tomatoes. My faith in humanity is restored.

Amanda said...

If stupid cannot help you there is a plan B! Down at Potomac Mills there is an entire kiosk dedicated to splat items. Splat balls, splat eggs, and the ever popular splat poo (yes he handed it to my kid)! So if you must save easter you can always sit in 3 hours of traffic and resolve your splat emergency!

Brutalism said...

Amanda - Thank you for knowing where I can find splat items. It is a splat emergency, particularly since Stupid has not gotten back to me on my follow up question. I may be flinging the splatting poo (purchased at another purveyor) at Stupid.com.