Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Here's Mud in your Annulus

One of my best friends get daily drilling reports for the projects on which her company is working.
And if you've never been privy to one of these (and if you have not, I suggest you make a friend in drilling right away and ask them to include you on their report distribution), understand that they always include gems such as these:

  • Ran string and plumb-bob down annulus
  • Circulated annulus clean
  • Nippled up BOPE on test stump, fabricated choke lines
  • Nippled up spacer spool, double gate, and riser
  • Test casing and blind rams
  • Pre-heat and butt welded
  • Toolpusher: (colleague's name listed) (Not as bad as "Team Diarrhea" but still)
  • Current Operations: POOH and lay down
  • Mud in the annulus

And this is why now instead of toasting with our longtime favorite cheer of "Prost!" we now toast each other with "Here's Mud in your Annulus!"

And which is also why we find that no one wants to go out with us anymore. 


Barb Schanel said...

Butt welded??? Sounds excruciating!

dilettante07 said...

Aww, you saved these. A few others (perhaps for another column):

-Blowout preventer
-Possum belly
-Mouse hole
-Top job from BJ services

Nonstop hilarity over here!


Brutalism said...

No kidding, Barb. I'll never do that again!

Tante - I'm sorry. Why WOULDN'T I save these? They're in a folder of things I read when I need to be cheered up. Then I pooh and lie down. You have the most fun job, ever.

dilettante07 said...

If only it were as glamorous as it sounds. sigh

kath said...

Essentially, we are born whole. And you have not changed since.

Brutalism said...

Kath - Is is not my fault my friends are immature. All the time I'm like "let's discuss Proust" and you're all like "noooo...poop jokes!"