Thursday, May 09, 2013


Throughout our years as Dilettantes, the other Dilettantes and I have often owed each other money for purchasing tickets to events and classes and that PADDLE BOARDING LESSON THAT I BOUGHT MORE THAN A YEAR AGO AND THAT WE BETTER USE IN THE NEXT TWO MONTHS, DAMMIT.

As the reimbursements are pretty much the only checks any of us writes anymore (follow that lead retired folk who insist on going to the Safeway near my office at lunch time and using 433 coupons per shopping excursion and then writing a check for the (well-discounted, to be fair) purchase making your total transaction time equal roughly 17 minutes and 200 blood pressure points), we have found a way to derive maximum enjoyment from them. And that is through the competition to write the most embarrassing/juvenile comment in the check memo section with the hope of mortifying the depositor. (How else would we show we care?)

Naturally, these have involved a lot of references to underpants, derogatory statements about each other's hometowns, balances due for swinger and furry conventions, Scientology E-meter reading fees and one I received in the mail just yesterday:

My bank teller is entirely humorless which makes this little exercise that much more fun.

Doing anything for money,


Kate Coveny Hood said...

That's hilarious! Now I'm thinking about what I would put on the memo line...

Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said...

Ah yes, writing the memo part of checks is the one and only thing I miss about check writing.

One of my favorites:

For Your crippling fear of bank tellers.

lacochran's evil twin said...

We do this all the time. From the embarassing... "Exemplary sexual favors" to the ridiculous "Extra bunny accessories". Glad other people do this, too. :)

Jane S. said...

Heh heh heh! We do that too. My favorite of all time is the one our neighbor wrote to my mom: "For sex...again."

Brutalism said...

As always, you are all awesome. By the way, I deposited this today, and humorless teller once again had no expression as he read the check.

I'm thinking there is a whole blog about check memo lines -- did not realize this was so prevalent. I have faith in humanity.

Dan McSweeney said...

"Pete's cocaine debt"

David Oliver said...

Had no idea people did this. It is sooo great! Will begin the practice immediately.

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