Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Going to the Chapel

Last week, I took the day off work to ride around Washington, DC, in a limousine while sipping champagne and hobnobbing with celebrities.

...or as I like to call it..."Thursday."

In the interest of total transparency, the hobnobbing consisted of seeing CNN anchor John King on the sidewalk in front of the Capitol while we stopped there to take photos. And since I'm not entirely sure what the definition of hobnobbing is, we'll assume the sidewalk sighting counts as such.
John King was right here. Hobnobbing. (Sure, he
flubbed it big time with the whole Boston bombing
situation...but hey...great hair!)
And truthfully, this was a very special occasion -- the wedding of two friends who have been committed to each other for 22 years and wed in DC because they are still not permitted to legally marry in Kentucky where they live. (I do know the definition of  "ridiculous.")

After sightseeing in the District from the limo, we went to the DC Courthouse for the ceremony, and I have to was refreshing to finally be there for an occasion that did not require me to "lawyer up." (The same cannot be said for my friend, Amy, whose purse corkscrew contraband was confiscated by the Courthouse guards after it was identified in the metal detector.)

The ceremony itself was so touching and emotional and made more so when Amy's son (the grooms' nephew) proclaimed loudly, "those are happy tears!" when he saw nary a dry eye in the house. Kids rock.

The ringbearer. In his Spider-Man sneaks.

Following the wedding, we did more sightseeing and also experienced some safety checks as our limo was pulled over by DC's finest twice so they could search the trunk and open the door to ensure we were not planning a terror attack. Both times this occurred, the officers opened the back door to see three young children in car seats sipping on their juice boxes. As friend, Pete, noted, "even the terrorists aren't that cruel."

Terrorists also don't usually have disco lights in the ceiling. Losers.
The day ended with a beautiful reception at Amy's house in Arlington. And more celebrity hobnobbing:
It is also where I learned some new math. That being that no matter how many gay men attend a party as guests, their combined total body fat will not equal more than 2%.

Mazel tov to Steven and Michael,

P.S. Thanks to DC Blogs for linking to this post today!


David Oliver said...

Okay, the Brute did not do this. It is far too nice and sensitive.

Good Person, wherever you have the the Brute tied up, you probably need to release her before she sobers up.

Brutalism said...

David - I know, right? I'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming next post.

Trout Almondine said...

I am disgusted and saddened that you felt the need to make this post and hope you will retract it, or at least amend it appropriately.

It's not "Spiderman" sneaks. It's Spider-Man. Capital "S," Capital "M," hyphen. Spider-Man! I'd put it in all caps if that didn't defeat my point!

I hope you know, Gid hates people who misspell Spider-Man, and they will have much to answer for on judgment day.

As will gay people who live in sin without benefit of marriage, but He's just goign to have to be reasonable on that one.

Brutalism said...

Trout - I was referring to Phil Spiderman -- he's an opthamologist. The little boy is a huge fan of the optic arts.

Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said...

I thought hobnobbing was some sexual thing involving elbows.