Friday, November 22, 2013

An Olio

Life lately, in snippets:

Making Beautiful Music

While talking to my friend and her dad recently, he mentioned that an old colleague he ran into at a reunion had married a woman about half his age.

My friend and I made comments about how gross we thought that was and wondered aloud what this couple could possibly have in common. Her father explained, "well, they do have a shared love of harpsichord."

And to be fair, a search of probably doesn't come up with a huge list of results.

One hopes.

Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

Recently, I received some not-so-terrific news from a new doctor.

Yet, when she delivered this, I at first thought it was the happiest, most hilarious news, ever. I thought this because the doctor has an unnerving tic that makes her laugh uncomfortably every few sentences.

It does make me wonder what other careers she considered and rejected before deciding that "doctor" would be most appropriate considering this affect? Hospice worker? Funeral director? Army general? Dramatic actor?

And on a more fun note:

It's Her World, We Just Live Here

Yesterday evening, I walked into my daughter's after school program to find her reclining on a sofa while two adorable kindergarten boys fanned her with paper fans they had constructed.

I wanna be her when I grow up.


David Oliver said...

Not that I want to date and certainly not marry a woman half my age 'cause I think it is kinda gross too. But I don't know why. If I see cattle in a pasture, I don't think "ewww, look at that old bull humping that young heifer."

Sarah said...

Had to laugh about the doctor thing. Hope you are (or will be soon) well!

Unknown said...

Wait, if she's your daughter then why do you want to be her when you grow up? Technically, you've had a chance to do that in your past life already and you'll have a couple more chances, but ultimately, you can only dream of what your daughter has succeeded in her time and make it yours. Theoretically though, you've already have done this for it is our mind set goal that we tend to accomplish. So, theoretically speaking, if you had your mind set on doing a certain task and that you intend on accomplishing that in the future, then you've already succeeded in completing this task. So I bid you a congratulation on your future accomplishment, if you actually intend on doing this task of course.