Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Write Stuff

If in 2005 you told me I would be spending Valentine's Day 2015 away from my husband getting my "tweet" "favorited" by Morgan Spurlock, I would probably have slapped you and insisted I was not that kind of girl. 

Fast forward to Valentine's Day turns out I am exactly that kind of girl:

I was fortunate enough to again be invited to the Writer's Guild Awards East as guests of my friends, Meredith and John, as John once again was Executive Producer of the show. (See recap from last year's event here.)

And even though the trip this year was a whirlwind that left no time for hair and eyelash beautification... this year was fun because I knew some of the writers from meeting them last year (and riding the Cyclone on Coney Island with one of them over the summer - but that's a story for another day...) Also, I got to meet and talk to some of the presenters:
Me with presenter, Lizz Winstead. I told her I had participated in her Lady Parts Justice
V to Shining V initiative and she hugged me and took a picture. While I was putting
my arm around her, I inadvertently stuck my hand in her armpit. This is why
I am either great or terrible at meeting celebrities.

The one and only outfit selfie I have ever taken and for which I am
totally unapologetic. It is the only full-length photo of me from the evening.
(These are my red "favorite my tweet" pumps. And my weird
Carol Brady-esque flippy hair.)
My friend (and Executive Producer Extraordinaire) John Marshall with presenter
(and Comedian Extraordinaire) Sarah Silverman. (Fun fact: I once made my then 
7-year-old daughter watch The Sarah Silverman Program "Banana Cop" episode 
because it is so genius. This is why I am either great or terrible at being a Mom.)

Larry Wilmore and John...just hangin' out backstage. 

The gorgeous Meredith Forbes with her husband. 
Also in attendance this year? Clive Owen, Norman Lear, Robert Klein, Judith Light and many others. The place was lousy with celebrities and great writers.

And the cherry on top? Bananagrams was an event sponsor and the swag bags had Bananagrams in them. I have never been happier. 

That's all she wrote,

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Krista said...

Looking good! Sounds like a great Valentine's Day to me.