Thursday, July 13, 2023


Scene: Evening walk in the neighborhood with my friend, Lisa

Lisa: (Spotting marsh plants in a lake we walk by): "I love those plants. What are they called? Pussy willows?"

The plant we were trying to identify.

Me: (Matter of factly): "No. Pussy willows are the smaller ones - the little puffs. Those are called cat o' nine tails." 

Pussy Willow.

Lisa: (Assuredly): " o' nine tails are a type of bondage implement, so I doubt that's it." 

[She then suggested we pause to Google the plant and helpfully offered to search "pussy willow" which surprisingly had much tamer search returns than "cat o' nine tails."]

The results showed she was 100% correct due to her vast knowledge of S&M equipment.

Cat o' nine tails. This should bring some new friends
to Brutalism who search that term and determine
a blog named "Brutalism" seems on theme
with their interests...

Anyway, I was close - the marsh plant is a cattail

Best part? I've been referring to them as cat o' nine tails my entire life without ever ONCE questioning why the hell they were called that. And all this time, I've assumed people found me outdoorsy and nature-loving when really they've determined I'm into the kinks and enjoy a good flog.

I apparently suffer from the same disease my mother has, which she refers to as "CE" (meaning "close enough.") Examples of this are when she asked my daughter if she was excited for the "One Way" concert (she was going to see One Direction) and if I had seen that great film by Emerald Fennell called, "She's Got Potential" (Promising Young Woman). I always know exactly what she's talking about, even if she's not technically accurate. 




Lisa said...

Those cat o'ninetail plants were next to the ballgag bushes, correct?

Brutalism said...

Yes, and the nipple clamp hedgerows.

Panty Buns said...

I apologise in advance for the length of this comment ;-/
Meekly and weakly I dropped all inhibitions, eagerly allowing your kink-adjacent musings to stir up my own Self-flagellation F/m brutalism fantasies (and recollections) causing me to swoon!!! Over 3 decades ago I bought a cat-o'-nine tales in a fancy lingerie boutique, subsequently starred (on the receiving end) in a professionally made F/m spanking movie - but I only received one excellent (and painful) flog / lash across my bottom with it in that video. I crave more, but had never considered trying to spank myself with it (until just now).
P.S.: The stems of those Pussy Willows look like they could make a good spanking switch!
P.P.S.: It's probably best if I don't disclose the F/m punishment(s) I fantasised the cat-tails being used for on (in) me! (_|_) :-O
;-(( xx :D

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