Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Some People Just Don't Get Me

Recently, I was in Winnipeg for a film shoot. While there, I went out to a great sushi place with the film crew, and we had a great waitress named Brie, like the cheese. She was a blast and made the whole experience tons of fun. She was also very pretty, so the guys on the crew talked about Brie ad nauseum for the next few days. I had reverted to my default fingers in the ears singing "la la la" as the jokes about "Brie" got more and more disgusting. (Although the "fromage a trois" reference was funny, I'll admit it).

When I got back to Northern Virginia, I decided to send the film director a fake brie cheese, because I knew he'd open it and laugh out loud. So, I tracked down a fake brie cheese on a theatrical prop website (only $6) and brought it into the office with me to mail out (along with some work stuff...it was legit). Anyway, the brie was sitting on my desk when my boss walked in. Our interchange went as follows:

(Boss, quizzically, looking at open package on my desk): "Is that a package from the printer?"
(Me): "No, it's a fake brie cheese"
(Boss, choosing to ignore my comment): "How did the film shoot in Winnipeg go?"

I'm sorry....what kind of person DOES.NOT.ASK.ABOUT.A.FAKE.BRIE.CHEESE?????

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