Friday, August 17, 2007

At least she'll be the best communicator in her remedial classes

This morning, Avery's teacher (Jami) told me that she did Avery's evaluation this week and that she is speaking at a pre-school level. She said that Avery speaks in complex sentences and is very far ahead of the other kids in her class. Jami said that when Avery wants more milk, she'll say, "I need more milk, please, Jami" whereas the other kids her age will just say, "more."

Clearly a genius, right?

Along these same lines, I could not find Avery's doll's underpants at home...and when I dropped her off this morning, I saw them in her school cubby. Jami said, "Um...she was trying to put those on the other day"

Good thing there's no evaluation for that.

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