Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Must Be God's Will

There's a guy I dated my freshman year of college that I have always sorta carried a torch for.

I dated him for a few weeks my very first month of college -- then we saw each other once or twice a year throughout the rest of my college days. He was a year older, good-looking, funny, smart and just seemed so grown up. Smitten, I was. Especially after a romantic camping trip with his suitemates and their dates where neither of us remembered to pack a sleeping bag or blankets. Oops.

The last time I saw him was at homecoming nine years ago -- I know that, because I had just gotten engaged. We sort of randomly ran into each other and talked for about half an hour and that old feeling was there again. (You know the one -- where you don't date someone long enough to know about all their annoying habits or even to understand that they're human -- he existed in my memory as the perfect guy.) We had so much fun catching up and talking about old times.

I saw the Class Notes in my alumni magazine recently that mentioned he's a professor at JMU now, after getting his Master's and Ph.D. from UVA. Impressive, sure. Not so impressive? When I visited his faculty web site (had to see a recent picture, puh-leeze) I noticed that he lists his hobbies as "distance running, reading and bible study."

Bible study? Really? It's like I never knew him at all. >sigh<

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