Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Sunday night we went to the Liberty Tavern in Clarendon with our friends Rich and Michelle. Rich is our age and has been dating Michelle (who is 10 or 12 years younger) for a couple of years now.

She was talking about when she first moved to the DC area from Philly and how she had found some interesting room rental options on Craigslist. She mentioned one that listed a room in a house that was free of charge to young women. Being young and innocent, she called the guy who had posted this offer and discovered it was an older guy who would provide a free room in exchange for sex.

Tim asked, "Wow. What happened?"

And she replied (with perfect comic timing, and while reaching over and patting Rich's hand), "I'm still with him"

He better marry this woman.

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