Friday, February 13, 2009


As I was ready to walk out the door this morning, I saw that Seamus had vomited in the dining room right near the dining table. I got some paper towels and bent down to clean it up, then stood up and hit my head so hard on the back of one of the chairs that I learned what "seeing stars" means. If this is some kind of a concussion and I have to be hospitalized, I'm making up a much more glamorous back story for my injury. Otherwise, it's like being the person in rehab for an addiction to wine coolers. So not cool.

When I regained my bearings, I went upstairs to turn off lights and pulled the chain on the light in the closet -- which promptly broke off in my hand. I came back downstairs and poured some orange juice for Avery which overshot the cup, getting juice all over my hand and the counter. When I got to work, I opened our power bill on line -- almost FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! This is more than $150 more than it has ever been.

I'd like the Friday the 13th dark cloud removed, please.


dilettante07 said...

Dear god, just go home and go to bed and start over tomorrow.

If it makes you feel better, our gas bill was about $600 last month (insert flatulence joke here).

Anonymous said...

Marge--yours is a butt that truly won't quit. Five dollars? What?

Anonymous said...

At least you were not flying to Buffalo!!!!!

Brutalism said...

MBPrehm - no kidding...that does put it in perspective, huh? Scary stuff.
KevStar - ?