Thursday, June 04, 2009

Yes -- that's my brand spanking-new domain name right there in the title. Now you can type that instead of that cumbersome blogspot address when you want to find me.

Yesterday, I set this up with Paul, a wonderful customer service representative at (Free advice: Focus when typing the GoDaddy URL. I was distracted and ended up at, which led to an interesting discussion with my company's IT department. Again.)

Paul was helping me re-route the blogspot traffic to the new domain name. When he asked me the new domain I had registered and I said, "Brutalism", there was a bit of an uncomfortable silence on the other end of the phone. I immediately blabbered, "'s an architectural style." He began laughing and said, "I was wondering because you don't sound like that kind of person."

I said, "I'm not. But I've got some good friends at DoDaddy that might be."

Bring out the gimp,


Dilettard07 said...

Like GoDaddy's constant exploitation of Danica Patrick on their TV ads isn't already heading into soft-core territory. He had some nerve to judge you.

Plus they host some shockingly awful (and explicit) web sites like

Brutalism said...

Listen,, why don't you take your yeast and bung hole talk elsewhere...pervert.

dilettante07 said...

Mmm...yeasty bungholes. That should attract a new and different readership. The harlem globetrotter yeasty collage whore bunghole admirers.