Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Relative Insanity

A description of my massive extended family once prompted a friend of mine to ask, "Are you from a family of circus people?"

And after attending a reunion in Pennsylvania this past weekend, I would answer that in one word:


Better because in our family, we have a little of everything. (Except Mexicans. We have a lot of those.)

Of the 90 or so people who attended this reunion (this is my mom's side of the family and she is one of nine kids), we had the following: an undertaker, an RN, a rocket scientist, Harley guys, a mariachi band member, a Stanford professor, a toilet paper maker, a Google network security expert, an Army Lieutenant Colonel, a lawyer, a farmer, educators, stay at home moms, staunch Republicans, liberal Democrats, non-drinkers, heavy drinkers, one-legged Diabetics, two-legged Diabetics, religious people, atheists, artists, and centaurs (just seeing if you made it all the way through the list).

I should make some sort of profound statement about how our family is a microcosm of the world at large and that if a group this diverse gets along and loves each other then there is hope for all of us as a human race.

Or I could just quote my Aunt Marilyn and say, "we're big and weird."


Moooooog35 said...

..and not a single picture of the centaur.

I think you're pulling our leg. I mean, "farmer" was outlandish..but I think "centaur" is pushing it.

Gorilla Bananas said...

What a fine example of genetic diversity! It's always better to mate with someone who's unlike you.

Anonymous said...

Dude you can never run out of blog ideas with THAT family! Well done.

For the record, I am a Centaur! Seriously, I have a horse's ass. This is because I am a Sagittarius.

Brutalism said...

Moooooog - Next time I'll get a picture of the Centaur. And the heavy drinkers. Actually...just check out my profile picture for that.

Gorilla Bananas - That's why I mated with a boy...who is sane.

VA - Having a horse's ass is better than being a horse's ass. Though I could see where the tail might get embarrassing...

Anonymous said...

Don't knock it! Grancy's family includes actual circus people... her first cousin is married to a retired Ringling Bros trapeze artist.

Brutalism said...

Bermanator - You have ACTUAL circus people in your family? That made my day.