Friday, February 04, 2011

Old School

You know how you look back through old school photos and remember a time of innocence? A time of all-American wholesomeness?

Yeah, my parents don't either.

Recently, I was looking through pictures taken of milestone events in my young life -- you know, ring dance, graduation, and that very special night that holds so much promise, requires so much planning and is the subject of all too many teen romcoms -- the night you use your fake ID for the first time at the Jewish Mother when you're on a date and order a carafe of red wine and then complain to the waiter because it is (and I quote) "warm."           

Actually, I'm talking about prom.

Back in high school, I was such a wannabe thrift-store-clothes-wearing, punk rock-loving, weird-guy dating chick. Instead, I was the irregular-Levi's-wearing, new wave-loving, normal-guy dating chick.

Fortunately, I was friends with some of the people I wanted to be like, so I figured I would prove just how "punk" I was by inviting one of these friends to the Bayside prom as my date. (Fun fact: I really did go to Bayside High School. Just like those mischievous imps on Saved by the Bell.)

This, gentle readers, is my prom photo from that night:

I guess this was just a rebellious phase. I'm not really sure what I was rebelling against, but that was kind of beside the point. I was a rebel! And I proved it by attending a school-sanctioned dance wearing the same Gunne Sax Jessica McClintock dress that no fewer than four other girls in my class were wearing.

Talk about sticking it to the man.

My parents did not really understand,  and my mother suggested that one day I would regret this choice.

And guess what? She was totally wrong. It may have been a little unorthodox, but at least I had a completely memorable prom experience that is still fun to reflect upon. As a matter of fact, during the discussion in a book club I was in several years ago, our chat turned to first loves due to a theme in the book we were reading. A woman in the group was talking about how she had dated the same guy all through high school and how they had gone to prom and how it was such a quintessential high school romance.

And to that, I got to reply: "Really? Because I went to prom with a bisexual Robert Smith lookalike."

So all these years later, I don't regret a thing. Except perhaps looking my prom date up on Facebook recently:

(And only because he looks wwwwaaaayyyyy better than I do.)

Lip syncing for my life,


Straight Guy said...

That guy is still in prom mode. You have to respect that.

Word verification below is "Quakin" and struck me as funny.

Moooooog35 said...

We went to the prom together?!?!?

VEG said...

It's nice that nowadays your prom date is the lady half of the equation at the prom-of-life!

I was a punky alternative kid myself at that age. I would rather have cut open my own eyeballs than go out with a regular dude. Give me your undesirable spiky haired crazies or weirdos and I'd be happy.

Also is it just me or do teens these days bear no real resemblance to teens in decades past? I mean I've never seen girls so young in so much make up and revealing clothes?

Shit. I just became my own mom.

Brutalism said...

Straight Guy - I totally respect that. He's awesome.

Moooooog - I love it when you play coy.

VA - I'm my own mom, too, (as is my prom date, come to think of it). There are now many two-piece prom dresses. That would have been shocking back in the day.

TILTE said...

is that other guy wearing a cheese grater on his head?

they're so fashion forward.

YinMetYang said...

Wait - you're a brunette??

Brutalism said...

YMY - No...I just used to dye my hair brown.

StephanieC | Seriously? Really?? Seriously? said...

Way to rock the daylights out of Jessica McClintock.

That b*tch couldn't have seen THAT coming.

My dress wasn't too bad at prom, but my hair was BRIDE of FRANKENSTEIN.

AmWaY said...


Brutalism said...

YLIDHAG - I know. Cheese graters are the new beadazzled lobsters, apparently...

Stephanie C - Yeah. I really brought something new to it, didn't I? And by new, I mean "not new."

Amma Cweet - Yes.

Anonymous said...

that's awesome

Pablo said...

I wouldn't say way better. Just a little.

Brutalism said...

Pablo - Awww, stop. Really?

laughingmom said...

New to blogging and just found yours - Freakishly familiar - I too went to "prom" with a gay friend and love the Jewish Mother reference - BUT my mother insisted on making my Jessica McClintock look alike (although it DIDN'T) gown!