Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where's The FCC When You Need Them?

Last night, I got to meet the people behind some of my favorite blogs in the DC area at a little gathering at Vapiano's in Chinatown. People like:

Lacochran's Bloggery
The Southified Masshole
Always a Drunk, Never a Bride

...and several other bloggers and twitterers.

You never know how something like that will go, but all of them were just as funny and fun in person. (As was Lacochran's husband who shared that his family lives in a small town named Gray, Georgia, and that the fine folks of Gray have let their hometown pride get in the way of smart marketing. To wit: Gray Flowers and Gray Meat Company. Fantastic, no?) Thanks again to Lacochran for organizing this and for inviting me. (For the record, she looks nothing like Bette Midler.)

On my way home from happy hour, I was busy texting with my friend and ended up on the wrong train. This was moments after I jokingly told my husband that if I didn't call him from the Vienna metro by 9:00, it meant that I had been stabbed to death in the parking lot. (I'm hilarious like that.) Of course, the train mix-up meant that I did not get to Vienna until about 9:20. He was so concerned that he was busy reading our kid some books and hadn't even noticed the time. He is totally getting a dryer lint card next Valentine's Day.

In other news, this week's Oakton Patch column is up. My editor asked for a Valentine's-themed column about my husband. Instead, I wrote about words that I hate. Like "lover" and "luscious" and "pustule."

I'm such a romantic.

Check it out, you luscious pustule lovers,


lacochran's evil twin said...

So glad to meet you!

*breaks into "Wind Beneath my Wings"*

Hm, maybe I shouldn't put "breaks" and "Wind" in the same thought.

VEG said...

'Lover' has always been a hate of mine. It's oh so Elizabeth Taylor or some other old time lady in a fancy dress, white gloves and exquisite make up, who faints into a swoon every time a man enters the room.

I also hate 'hubby'. Eff hubby. He's not a cute little hobbit or gnome, ladies, he's a big hairy man! Well unless you're married to Danny De Vito. Then drop the 'cute' and add 'scary'.

And anyone who uses the acronym 'BFF' around me will have their junk meet the toe of my boot.

There, I feel better now!

Moooooog35 said...

I was at a bar with Lilu when she Rickrolled the whole place.

I think it was pretty epic but then again I was completely tanked.

Brutalism said...

Lacochran - ...especially when the angry monkey icon near your name looks like it is asking me to pull its finger

VA - Yes. Hubby is bad. BFF is great when used ironically, because it, also, is horrible.

Moooooog - I had to look up rickrolled. You kids are way too cool for me.

Stacey said...

Underpants, underpants. Viv la Underpants. It IS a funny word!! loved your column.

Brutalism said...

Trucking Tumbleweed - Thanks so much. Love your underpants.