Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Like The Oscars - For Peeps

Yesterday, I received notification that the Peeps diorama Hillary and I submitted was chosen as a finalist in the Chicago Tribune Peeps diorama contest. (The Tribune person that notified us is named Darcel Rockett, which may be the coolest name I have ever heard -- and not just because she notified us  that we were finalists...)

I will now (uncharacteristically) use about a billion exclamation points:

And you, my savvy readers, will note that I mentioned we were participating in the Washington Post contest. Well, we learned long ago that the Post (our hometown paper) does not seem to recognize our talents. So this year, we diversified...and entered our diorama into a few contests across the country.

We are so unbelievably ridiculous smart.

Hillary and I are now faced with needing to deliver our diorama to the Chicago Tribune offices for judging/photographing. As it is our baby, we do not want to trust this to FedEx or UPS, but want to hand-deliver it. Which had us looking up plane fare in our excitement last night.

And you thought I was kidding about needing to get a life...


kath said...

This is the best! Of course you must take a series of cabs, rental cars and gondolas to Chi-town carrying the Peep diorama. If you need assist on the ground in Chicago, I've got some, well, good peeps there who would be happy to assist. Right on!

Moooooog35 said...

Don't forget to handcuff yourself to the metal briefcase you're carrying it in.

It's all in the details.

Brutalism said...

Kath - Yes! And take pics at the Sears Tower, eating deep dish pizza, going to a Cubs game...Thanks for your enthusiasm. It really is a dream come true. >weep<

Moooooog - Totally. I already told my partner that we're doing that. The people in Chicago seem to have a much better sense of humor about all of this than the Post folk.

lacochran's evil twin said...

I hope you get to dish with Joan and Melissa on the red carpet!

Brutalism said...

Lacochran - I know. So many considerations now. What designer to wear? How to fly my hair/makeup person out there with me? How to stop living in this fantasy world I've created?

Straight Guy said...

I sense the makings of a new classic in the "road movie" genre. Thelma and Louise meets Cannonball Run meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

There will be chases, intrigue, comedy, dancing, romance, pink marshmallow carnage, and a shirtless Brad Pitt.

Anonymous said...

Any excuse to go to Chicago is a good excuse.

JenBC said...

Just broke my exclamation point key trying to post a comment. The world just got a little bit better for everyone. Hyperbole. I think not. You both ROCK

Brutalism said...

Straight Guy - Based on the logistics of us getting to Chicago at a reasonable price, it may indeed with me driving a car over a cliff.

Ms. Givens - No kidding -- I love that town. Even moreso now. They obviously have a real appreciation of fine art.

JenBC - Yay! I feel like I'm much more excited than I should be...but I don't care. YAY!!!!!!!