Monday, July 08, 2013

At least we didn't sell her panties to a geek

Here in the DC metro area, we don't have a lot of celebrity sightings. (Sure, sometimes we see people who are on television -- but they are always pundits...or Senators...or the President...) Bor....ring....

So you can imagine how refreshing it is to be included on the guest list for the anniversary party of a PR firm that hires a real celebrity to mingle at its celebration every year, which is how I've had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the following folks:

The "perfect ten," Bo Derek, for the 10th anniversary in 2007:
Look! It's Bo Derek. And my
gigantic melon!
Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut who piloted Apollo 11, for the 11th anniversary in 2008:

I've never been this close to greatness. (Well, except here.)
Boxing legend Joe Frazier, with whom we were invited to "go twelve rounds" for the 12th anniversary in 2009:

Instead, I just made him laugh.
Former New York Jets and Washington Redskins football star, John Riggins, with whom we were invited to "make our own luck" at the 13th anniversary party:
I was not lucky enough to persuade him to say, "Loosen up, Brutalism baby..."
And not for lack of trying.
I missed the party for the 14th and the 15th anniversaries...rather than getting to meet some interesting character, the big draw at the party those years was the lease on some fancy car for a year (Cobra Schmobra) so I opted out.

But for the 16th anniversary this year, the firm came back huge...with none other than #3 on Canetto's "list":

This was a total set-up. On our way to meet Ms. Ringwald, Tim quickly printed this up
and left it on my car seat then pretended it fell out of his wallet inadvertently.
Canetto does look a little like Molly's husband. Which might
explain her nice smile here.
But then Canetto's shiny wife happened along and ruined everything...
My friend, Terri, who you may recognize from her earlier work in "I will talk to absolutely anybody about absolutely anything" and who has also attended all of these parties with me, decided that a photo with Molly was not enough. (Sure, she may have been emboldened by Molly telling her that she "smelled nice," which we all know means, "I will not be satisfied until this results in a restraining order.") So, when Molly finished up her photos with the guests and headed toward the restroom with her handler, Terri strode purposefully after her, and -- wanting to see how this would play out -- so did I. 

I actually used the restroom, while Terri spent many, many minutes positioned at the sinks waiting for Molly to exit her stall so she could ambush talk to her. Once Molly emerged from the stall, she again noted how good Terri smelled, Terri returned the compliment, some mutual smelling of perfumes on each other's necks occurred and yadda...yadda...yadda....Terri is now on the Christmas card list.
The 17th anniversary cannot possibly top this.


David Oliver said...

Brute, I love Molly Ringwald! Ever since the Breakfast Club and well, she's a redhead.

Sounds like you might need to hone your ambushing skills a little (i.e., your friend) but you did good!

Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said...

Sandra Bullock ahead of Molly Ringwald? Are you married to a lunatic?

P.S. I don't know who or what Karmin is.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Two things:

1) Bo has really aged well, hasn't she.

2) Canetto will never get Jennifer if he doesn't learn to spell her name properly. ('Cause, yeah, that's the reason he won't get to sleep with her.)

Brutalism said...

lacochran - If by "aged well" you mean "found a great plastic surgeon who did not let her get the collagen in her lips" then yes. And yes...that is the reason. She's a stickler for the correct spelling of her name. And apparently, not sleeping with married guys that she doesn't know. She's kind of uptight.

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