Thursday, April 24, 2014

Good Girls Don't...But "I Do"

Today is the 15th anniversary of the day I married my husband.(If you do the math you'll learn that we did, in fact, party like it was 1999 the day we took our vows.) And it has been a great 15 years. (Actually, we both agreed over coffee this morning that it has been a great 13 1/2 years -- the rest of the time, we fluctuated between mild annoyance and kind of wanting to throttle each other.)

To celebrate this marriage milestone, I spent the entire day getting poked and prodded.

Before you high-five me, let me assure you that I mean that in a truly literal sense. I took the day off work to go to a variety of medical and dental appointments, since I figured it is an extremely efficient way to get things done. (Besides, taking my clothes off so many times for so many different people in the span of five hours makes me feel young again.)

Another bonus to my all-appointment day was that I got to meet my husband for coffee in between proddings. Which is when I reminded him that a technician and a doctor had already gotten further with me than he had today.

And although we are not celebrating tonight (studying for a spelling test and rehearsing for a Helen Keller project are taking precedence), we have big plans tomorrow night. Our awesome neighbor is taking our kid for the night so we can see Brian Regan and dine at a restaurant that does not offer crayons with its menus.

Happy Anniversary to my partner in every sense of the word. I'm glad I only want to throttle you 10% of the time.


UPDATE: Thanks to DC Blogs for linking to this post today. And for being so complimentary. I would never throttle you.


dilettante07 said...

Two thumbs up!!

Brutalism said...

Awww...Dilettante07...thanks! That's the second thumbs up I've had in the past couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both!

lacochran's evil twin said...


We were at the late Brian Regan show at the Warner.

"Try Zipitty Doodah. Sometimes when I make reservations I forget my name and think it's Zipitty Doodah. Try Zip Itty Doodah. First name Zip. Middle name Itty. Doodah. Type it in!!! Yeah, I see the line behind me but you took this horse out of the barn, and now we're gonna ride it!!"

Great stuff! Sooo funny!

Also, my sister is married to a doctor. They had two couples over one night, the two guest men were doctor colleagues--an internist and a gynecologist. Sister announces at dinner, "I just realized all the men have seen me naked!" The wives were not amused.