Saturday, October 06, 2007

Free Is Good Redux

Positive reinforcement must work. I've been telling Canetto how excited I am about the Bald Head Island vacation in November and guess what? He now comes up with another work trip in December -- this time to Disneyworld.

Please understand -- having a child has made me a complete and utter hypocrite. I hate all things Disney, and the gross racist, misogynistic, mass-marketing, homogenized "fun" they represent. (The only time I have ever been to Disneyworld was four years ago -- my friend, Meredith, had to re-schedule her Malibu wedding to Florida because both of her parents (who live in Orlando) got ill at the same time and could not travel. So, we stayed at Disney and spent a day at Epcot Center. I think the reason for my feelings about Disney are best summed up by revealing the name of the restaurant in our hotel -- Tubby's Buffeteria. Or as one of Meredith's comedian friends liked to call it, "fatty fat's fatty fat". )

Now, as the mom of an almost-two-year-old, I can only think about how freaking excited she would be to take a trip there.

So, in mid-December, we're packing up and heading South for a few days.

I knew that being a parent would mean making sacrifices and would fundamentally change who I am.

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