Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yes, I WAS A Child Bride...Thanks For Asking...

This week marks my tenth year of being married to someone who does not seem to realize that he can do way better wedded bliss.

We thought about going on a romantic trip somewhere but are still not sure how we feel about leaving our daughter with anyone for any length of time. (It's not that we don't trust someone to do's that we'd miss the little piece of work.) We also thought about buying a piece of Chihuly glass to commemorate the milestone (we got married in a Chihuly exhibit), though having a three-year-old in the house has made the decision to hold off on this a fairly easy one.

So, in honor of our "tin" anniversary (tin? seriously? I mean I already have way more "tin" gifts than I know what to do's always tin, tin, tin...), we are redecorating our bedroom. This has nothing at all to do with tin and everything to do with the fact that we bought a great duvet cover and now the rest of the room needs to be renovated to do it justice. (It made a lot more sense before the labor estimates started coming in...) We are having walls and trim painted, re-wiring and installing new lighting, getting new windows and window treatments, having crown molding installed, and re-covering an existing chair. We're using beach colors -- mostly blues and tans -- so when we're in there, it should feel a lot like a tropical vacation.

Were a tropical vacation to include a million contractors traipsing through our bedroom for several weeks.

Boat drinks,


dilettante07 said...

It's like a sitcom tropical vacation!

Brutalism said...

Dude. Totally.

OneZenMom said...

Oh, sounds like fun.

We just painted our bedroom in a yummy chocolate brown and creamy tan.

So, of course, I had to go buy new curtain$ to match ... and then a new bed$pread ... and some new art for the pretty new wall$ ...

... now the attached bath i$ looking at little $ad and dumpy by compari$on.

Add$ up quickly, huh?

Brutalism said...

Ooohhh...I love chocolate brown...and matter what home project you do becomes much, much bigger than you anticipate. (Hey...we're both helping the economy, right?)

dilettante07 said...

That's nuthin! Hire an architect and see how much you can *help* the economy.

We're about to help ourselves right onto the streets!




Any other cartoon ways to express frustration?

Brutalism said...

Gak! is always good, I find.

You are totally doing your part for humanity. (From the comfort of a cardboard box, likely, after paying for the architect and contractor...)

JenBC said...

Love this post title.

dori said...

make sure they use anchors when installing the sex swing, I mean trapeze