Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cosmetic Stuff

We just spent about a bazillion dollars (give or take) to have our house trim "wrapped" and to get new gutters. This was one of those projects that I probably could have put off forever, while whatever woodland creature it was that was gnawing away our garage door surround chewed into our house, created a loving home for its offspring and I was living like Little Edie at Grey Gardens.

Captain Spreadsheet, on the other hand, seems to possess the pro-active gene that makes us take care of these things before they become major issues and cost us more money in the long run. (I keep trying to convince him that plastic surgery should be regarded in much the same way. No luck. The irony? One little Botox injection and he'd never realize just how disappointed his refusal makes me. Curse you, elusive Stepford countenance...)

I do have to admit...the house looks so much better. The guys working on it were total craftsmen and I will probably see the value of spending our tax return on this in retrospect. Right? RIGHT? (...Little Edie did look like she had some good times...)

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