Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Site stats tell me that two new readers recently became part of the Brutalism family -- one by googling "tap dancing meth addicts" (Brutalism pops up as the first result) and one by googling "Mandrell Sisters."

New tagline: Brutalism -- a little something for everyone.

I aim to please,


dilettante07 said...

When the hell did you write about the Mandrell sisters? Was that your homage to the 70s post?

Brutalism said...

For chrissakes. I have never written about the Mandrell Sisters (though, I did meet a couple of them at the Charlton Heston Celebrity Shoot in the early 90s -- nice ladies)...

I think it pops up with a reference to the "Uncle John's Band" title...not really sure.

Except, I heard the Mandrell Sisters were into swinging. So maybe that's it. (Note to lawyers representing the Mandrell Sisters -- I never really heard that. I'm making things up to get attention again.)

Dilettard07 said...

Oh don't be so modest with your tag line. I think it is fair to say:

Brutalism -- a mammoth pulsating something for everyone.

That should increase your hits from Google searches, as well.

Brutalism said...

Fair point, Dilettard07 - appreciate the tweaking. (Isn't tweaking a term for meth use? Let's hope so...)