Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lost In Translation

When I was a single girl, I dated some pretty interesting characters. Like Greg. Who had a hyphenated last name and spent the better part of most years working as a ski instructor. He was a nice enough guy -- it's just that talking to him was like talking to a foreign exchange student and I got tired of having to bring a Righteous/English dictionary along on all of our dates.

Me: "How was your ski trip?"

Him: "The freshies were epic, bra."

Translation: The untouched fresh snow was rather magnificent, my friend.

Me: "Do I look okay in what I'm wearing?"

Him: "You are a buff nugg."

Translation: I find you to be somewhat attractive and that outfit is particularly fetching.

Last I heard, he was living in Southern California.

Translation: He found his homeland.


OneZenMom said...

Dude, what? He sounds, like, totally normal to me. I bet you guys would have made totally rippin' grommets.

Alexandra said...

I'm skipping around and LOVING all your posts.

Found you from a comment on LJKGW, and this is funny sunny over here.

I love my humor bloggers, I don't know what I"d do without them.

Oh, wait, yes, I do...cry.

MOre on a dictionary from this guy?

This was so wicked funny.